Dodge Challenger Burns Rubber Running From Arkansas Trooper

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Temporary paper license plates can be a bit of a problem for law enforcement. There are dishonest individuals who print tags illegally and sell or use them in an attempt to fool police, a popular option for those driving stolen cars. That’s why an Arkansas trooper zeroed in on one paper tag that was unreadable belonging to a Dodge Challenger. The likelihood the car was stolen or something else untoward was going on was high for reasons we shouldn’t have to explain.

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Sure enough, the driver took off from the traffic stop before the trooper could get up to the car. The suspect really went for it in the Mopar muscle car, fishtailing and almost spinning out in a desperate attempt to put distance between him and the trooper.

That little opening salvo also exposed that the driver lacked any real skill. But what he lacked in that department he had an overabundance of determination. Even as the trooper easily caught up, despite the guy transitioning freeways and winding around on surface streets, he just keeps on pushing it.

Maybe in some states the cops would just let someone who drives this crazy go. But in Arkansas this is a surefire way to get pitted at high speed, which is where this was inevitably headed. The only thing is the trooper misjudged a turn after getting back on the freeway, coming into it way too hot at 122 mph and lost control, slamming into the concrete wall near the apex. 

And thus we see not only that Arkansas State Police don’t always get their man, troopers sometimes miscalculate and crash at high speeds. Thankfully this trooper wasn’t badly injured and no other vehicles were involved in the wreck, but the Challenger did get away.

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