Watch The FBI Help Chase Down A Dodge Challenger

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Registering your car and paying whatever fees that come along with that might be a pain, but pretty much everyone does it. However, this guy driving a red Dodge Challenger apparently didn’t think he should do that or pull over for Arkansas State Police when a trooper tried pulling him over. The guy probably wasn’t expecting an FBI agent to jump into the chase, assisting ASP with his takedown.

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After the suspect leads ASP and the FBI agent in the unmarked truck on quite the little chase, it’s ultimately slow traffic on a transition ramp from one highway to another that brings this guy down. Why he just stays behind the trucks in front of him is a mystery, but it’s a good thing he does because that lets the trooper set up a nice slow PIT to bring the whole chase to an end.

It’s a mystery to us why so many people think it’s worth running from cops over something small like expired tags. This guy turned what would’ve been a minor infraction into a felony fleeing charge, and probably a few other charges, including possibly one or more additional felonies. That’s the very definition of a dumb decision.

After getting arrested, the suspect claimed he ran from police because he was scared. The ASP trooper didn’t seem impressed at all with that excuse, maybe because it was a stupid lie. Maybe he had a warrant or two – that isn’t mentioned in the video at all, but it wouldn’t surprise us if he did. A lot of these guys who run know if they’re caught they’re facing some pretty serious consequences. But then they’re outdriven by the police and they get at least one more felony tacked onto the growing list of consequences they’re facing.

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