Watch Police Spike And PIT A BMW

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Running a red light in front of a Walmart began a pursuit of a BMW in Arkansas as the driver refused to pull over for police. Most people would realize they screwed up and that running would only make things worse, but this suspect thought it would be better to flee.

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When the suspect was finally caught, it was discovered he was driving on a suspended license, didn’t have liability insurance, the BMW wasn’t registered with the state, and the tags on the car were fictitious.

Perhaps he thought running was a solution, but instead he racked up a ton of extra charges versus what he would’ve faced had he pulled over after running the red light. That list of additional charges includes felony fleeing, driving left of center, improper passing, reckless driving, speeding more than 15 mph, aggravated assault, no use of signals, and following too closely.

In other words, no matter what you might have done wrong prior to a police officer pulling you over, if you run you will be worse off once caught. Of course, everyone thinks they can get away and usually they’re overestimating the capabilities of their driving and/or car as well as the resources police have at their disposal.

What his Bimmer driver didn’t realize was ahead of him were police setting up spike strips. Those can be difficult to avoid if you’re dealing with well-trained officers. In this case they were deployed on both lanes so there was no avoiding them.

With his BMW’s tires deflated, the suspect still pushes his ride to over 120 mph as one of the pursuing Arkansas State Police troopers pulls up to do a PIT. The guy shook the first attempt off, but the second one was effective. You can see from the following trooper’s dashcam the little move the suspect did to avoid the first PIT broke one of his tires free from the rim.

Hearing the buzzing exhaust on this obviously modified Bimmer, we think police should’ve charged him for having bad taste as well. Instead, the car rolled into a smoking heap, so perhaps it was put out of its misery.

Check out the video for yourself.

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