Watch A Deported Felon Get Absolutely Wrecked By Arkansas Police

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With so many unknown people pouring over the southern border, many are concerned dangerous criminals will be flooding the streets where they live. That’s understandable, and for those who disagree, they should watch this pursuit of a deported felon who had an active warrant for his arrest.

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Multiple law enforcement agencies jumped into the chase, including Arkansas State Patrol. Likely realizing he was in big trouble, the suspect who thinks he can just stroll back into our country after he’s already been kicked out for committing crimes pushes the SUV he’s driving in ways that are incredibly reckless.

Not only is the guy going well over 100 mph as he tries to ditch the cops, he passes on the shoulder repeatedly. While the ASP trooper does the same in a fruitless bid to keep up, he stops once he realizes there’s shoulder construction work ahead. We doubt the previously deported felon was so considerate.

Yet again, we have multiple examples of how inattentive or uncaring the public is on the road. The ASP trooper is running both lights and sirens, yet people stubbornly stick to the left lane, slowing him down as the suspect continues putting everyone in danger. We’ve heard from emergency workers, not just police but fire and ambulance drivers, for years about how frustrating it is when people don’t move over for them.

We really have to hand it to this suspect. Not only is he dumb enough to break the law, get kicked out of the US, then return illegally, he chose a grandma SUV to run from the cops. While at first it seems like he’s going to get away, once cops are able to catch up the girlie little Nissan just can’t take the beating he so richly deserves. Criminals really aren’t all that bright.

Kudos goes to Trooper Ronald Grace, who performs a flawless PIT in heavy traffic. He was able to put this ridiculous chase to an end without harming any members of the public and should be commended for his skill and effort.

The suspect is now facing charges for aggravated assault, felony fleeing, and DWI drugs. The Arkansas State Police trooper contacted ICE, so hopefully this guy is deported again and isn’t allowed to just walk over the border to simply engage in more crime.

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    well i am all four stopping a criminal or illegals or what ever the issue is. but anything over 100 miles an hr need to stop period that car could have hit another innocent car. or even killed some one innocent. or maybe a whole family. all of these need to stop. you have plane and helicopters. that can keep and i on these cars SUVs trucks what ever. then at a safe area then take them out. this is so wrong by every means. there should be something in the law that stops these cops from doing this. or even have the person have th right to sue cops for causing them to roll over. nothing is fair in life. but this need tos end

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