V6 Dodge Challenger Runs From Arkansas Cops

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This should’ve been an even match.

There’s a saying that the fastest vehicles as the V6 versions of different muscle cars. While some people might laugh at that, them and Volkswagen GTIs are the number one group of people who try to show me “what’s up” on the road like I’m going to race them. What they don’t seem to comprehend is how weak and slow their car is, a miscalculation this suspect in a Dodge Challenger V6 with straight pipes made when he decided to run from Arkansas State Police.

Check out the Dodge Charger that escaped Arkansas State Police repeatedly here.

Like so many other pursuit videos, this one starts with a trooper driving down a two-lane country highway, the Mopar going the other direction. Something caught the trooper’s attention, perhaps the suspect was speeding or he could hear the straight pipes – that isn’t explained at all in the video. Whatever it was, the trooper wasted no time in turning around and trying to pull the Challenger over.

Obviously, the straight-pipe guy knew he was going to get pulled over because he immediately turned onto a side road and laid down the hammer. Fortunately, he wasn’t in a Hemi-powered Dodge so the trooper had a much better shot at catching up.

Winding his way into a residential area, the suspect tried outmaneuvering the trooper. He must’ve not realized Arkansas State Police for the most part display some amazing high-speed handling skills we’ve seen on display over and over. The suspect, on the other hand, kept kicking up dust clouds as he couldn’t keep all four tires on the pavement.

The two V6-powered machines duke it out on the backroads, with speeds reaching around 120 mph on the longer straightaways. Even though the suspect looked like he couldn’t handle his vehicle all that well, the trooper doesn’t seem able to close the gap. Something has to give.

Unfortunately, that something is the trooper’s skills. His car starts getting a little squirrely on the turns and at one point he almost loses control. That’s enough to allow the suspect to completely disappear, proving that even Arkansas State Police can make mistakes. Maybe it was a home turf advantage thing or maybe the suspect who seemed not as skilled at the very beginning of the pursuit was in fact being a bit of a pool shark, lulling the trooper into believing he was going to be easy pickings. The end result was the guy got away, at least for now.

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