California Road Rager Seriously Injures Dog

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Road rage has been a serious issue in the US for some time and it doesn’t seem to be going away. While some might feel it’s not that big of a deal, the owner of a dog seriously injured in a road rage attack in San Jose, California back on November 11 would probably strongly disagree.

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Video of the attack was captured by a bystander. Two men were outside the victim’s Hyundai which was stopped at a traffic light. While they pummeled the driver’s side of the car, a third man got out of his vehicle and walked over.

That third man, later identified as Armando Cano, jumped onto the Hyundai and kicked in the back window. It’s a move we’ve seen used plenty of times at illegal street takeovers.

The shattered glass flew into the eyes of a dog riding in the backseat of the car, blinding the animal. This is enough for plenty of people to want to take the law into their own hands and understandably so, even though we don’t advocate for such a thing.

What’s really weird is that Cano reportedly wasn’t involved in the initial road rage incident. The two men were in a different vehicle and allegedly started the whole road rage exchange. For whatever reason Cano decided to jump in and escalate things. 

While Cano was arrested on November 22 and faces felony vandalism, batter, and animal abuse charges, the other two men apparently haven’t been identified. San Jose police are asking the public for help figuring out who they are. We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re friends or family of Cano and that’s why the man jumped into the fray.

Whenever we talk with people in different parts of the country about road rage, almost without fail they tell us where they live is the worst if not one of the worst places for it. Obviously, people are beyond tired of idiots pitching fits and trying to crash into other cars or get out of their vehicle and fight other drivers simply because they didn’t like something another person on the road did.

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