Austin Journalist Attacked In Road Rage Incident

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This kind of thing is definitely becoming more common.

Road rage might seem like a funny thing to some, but the reality is it can have deadly consequences, even for those not involved. Thankfully an incident involving a CBS meteorologist in Austin, Texas wasn’t fatal or even that serious, but it’s a good reminder that we all need to be on guard.

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Dashcam footage provided by the journalist shows a Toyota Prius merge into the same lane as his car. Interestingly, the hybrid hatchback appears to have a signal illuminated, yet the meteorologist apparently didn’t anticipate the other car moving over. When the Prius did suddenly enter the lane, the journalist hit his brakes but there was a little contact between the cars’ bumpers.

This is what we would call a “fender bender” if even that. The other driver just kept going, so this CBS meteorologist followed him. That’s where he went wrong. We’re not saying he deserved what happened next, but if you get into an accident with someone else and have to almost chase them down, you’re probably not going to have a friendly exchange once they stop.

The Prius driver didn’t like that the journalist said the accident was his fault. Instead of just getting the guy’s info and driving off, the Prius driver threw one of the lamest punches we’ve seen in a while, barely connecting with the meteorologist’s jaw in what looks to be basically a love tap. All of this was caught on dashcam footage. Embarrassing.

Now this journalist guy doesn’t look like the fighting type at all. The Prius driver is far more muscular. We’ll say it was fortunate that punch didn’t land or this case could’ve been much more serious. Perhaps the guy realized her overreacted, because he took off. But police have the footage and there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Even if you don’t land a solid punch, we’re told by attorneys something like this is assault.

If you’re incredibly mad at another driver after an accident, we suggest cooling off before talking with them. Or, you could just call the police and wait to speak with an officer about the incident. Raging out on the other person, especially assaulting them, will only make the situation worse. And if someone hits you and just takes off, we don’t suggest playing cop and chasing them down.

While this was a low-speed follow, it still didn’t end well. He had the license plate of the Prius on his dashcam and could’ve handed that over to police and his insurance to let them deal with things. Fortunately, this Austin meteorologist didn’t pay a dearer price.

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