Driver Plows Into Valet After Theft Allegation

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One of the valets at a club in Houston was thrown 90 feet when an angry pickup driver plowed into him after a disagreement. The suspect claimed someone broke into his truck which was parked nearby, seemingly blaming the valets at the club for the alleged crime.

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Video of the incident is a bit grainy but still shocking. After all, we can think of few scenarios where running someone down like this could possibly be justified and having your vehicle burglarized isn’t one of them. But that’s exactly what the unidentified suspect did in the early morning hours of November 23.

Valets say the man accused them of being the ones who broke into his truck. There was a disagreement, then the man left. Later, he barreled down the road, plowing into the 23-year-old and sending him flying.

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The victim later did an interview with Fox San Antonio, telling a reporter he could’ve been killed. He’s absolutely lucky not only to be out of the hospital and looking to be in relatively good shape, but just to be alive. We wonder if the suspect thought twice about possibly killing someone just for breaking into his truck, let alone killing someone just because he thought the guy broke into his truck.

Even though the footage isn’t entirely clear, we can tell the truck has roof lights and is definitely a crew cab of some sort. We wish there was a better still image of it, but the truck was moving fast and so blurred in the video.

We can’t find any reports of the suspect having been caught as of the writing of this article. Hopefully he is and answers for what he did because with such a short fuse and the willingness to run someone down just because he suspects they stole from him, this guy could eventually kill someone.

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