Road Tripping Family Gets Proper Memphis Welcome When Car Is Stolen At Valet

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A scenic family vacation turned into a harrowing experience for the Carters from Colorado, who were unexpectedly stripped of their belongings during a pit stop in Memphis.

Nicole and Andrew Carter, along with their children, were en route to see family on the East Coast. Exhausted after a nearly

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19-hour drive, they opted for a brief stay at the Residence Inn Hotel in downtown Memphis. The hotel’s valet service seemed like a welcome relief to the weary travelers.

However, as the family was checking in and handing over their keys to the valet, their vacation took an unforeseen turn. From the hotel lobby, they watched in disbelief as their car, still running due to its push-to-start feature, was swiftly driven away by an unauthorized individual.

Andrew recalled the confusion and sudden chaos. “Just moments prior, a pair of men approached us with flyers, presumably for some local event, distracting both the valet and myself. By the time we realized what was happening, our car was speeding away.”

The theft left the Carter family stranded without their 2021 Nissan Rogue, which contained nearly all their possessions, from electronics and a camera to their children’s cherished toys and blankets. Their young child lamented, “My purple blanket and my giraffe blanket. They stole them.”

The gravity of the situation deepened as Nicole expressed her immense relief that the children weren’t in the vehicle when it was taken. She shuddered at the thought, stating, “Police informed us that the thieves wouldn’t have hesitated to drive away with our kids.”

Despite their predicament, being without IDs which rendered them unable to rent a car or fly, the Carters were rescued by dedicated family members who made the long drive to Memphis. Their focus now, Andrew emphasized, is on family and safety over material items.

Although the Nissan Rogue remains missing, the resilient family has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to aid in their recovery efforts. The Memphis Police Department continues its investigation into the theft

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