$120K Audi RS7 Stolen During Car Meet From Valet Who Stole It At Work

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A high-end Audi RS7, with a price tag of $120,000, became the protagonist of an ill-fated adventure in Baltimore’s upscale Fells Point district.

Is this person auditioning for Fast 11?

Brian Eller’s visit to the opulent Pendry Hotel turned from dream to disaster when the valet service, which should have been the first line of defense for his Audi RS7, became the source of its misadventure. Eller, expecting nothing but an ordinary evening, handed his keys to the valet before enjoying his date night. Little did he know, the drama that would unfold as the hotel manager knocked on his door the next day with an unexpected plot twist.

The valet, identified by authorities as Jordan Richardson, allegedly couldn’t resist the allure of the super-performance sedan and decided to take it for an unsanctioned spin. The plot thickened when Richardson, amidst the revelry of a car meet in Canton, claimed he was forcibly relegated to the role of a backseat passenger as a new cast of car thieves commandeered the white sedan.

The authorities later found the once-pristine Audi RS7 in a state of disrepair, akin to a protagonist at the end of a tragic tale — battered and bruised with its interiors reeking of spilled gasoline. Eller was left to pick up the pieces of his damaged dream car, the doors of which were a testament to the vehicular vandalism that took place.

While the incident left Eller’s wallet considerably lighter and his trust in valet services permanently tarnished, he wasn’t left entirely without recompense. The hotel, perhaps in a gesture of goodwill or a bid to smooth over the PR nightmare, offered a complimentary stay — a small consolation in the grand scale of Eller’s loss.

This incident serves as a cautionary tale of trust and trepidation in the world of luxury car ownership and valet services, with a side note to criminals: joyrides in stolen vehicles rarely end in joy.

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