UK Hockey Stars Get Their Audis Stolen

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Car theft affects everyone.

If you think rich celebrities aren’t affected by car theft, the reality is they are. While they might be able to afford more security than the average person, two Sheffield Steelers hockey players still had their Audis stolen right out of their driveway, so determined thieves are capable of getting around such things.

Stolen tractor chase ends at Waffle House.

We know Audis are some of the more difficult moder vehicles to steal without the key, something the thieves apparently knew. A Yorkshire Live report says someone broke into the house where the cars were parked in the early morning hours of August 8, swiped the keys, then drove off with the Audis. That’s the workaround.

Parked in the driveway of the home was a black Audi A5 and a grew Audi A3. Sure, they’re a far cry from the most expensive of the Audi lineup, but they’re worth more than most Kias and Hyundais, two brands that are still popular to steal.

South Yorkshire police are investigating the crime, so hopefully they’re able to track down the thieves and cars.

This business of stealing keys from a house might seem like an old-fashioned way of stealing cars, but it’s one we see often enough. The whole using a USB charging cable, spoofing the fob signal, or reprogramming the ignition are flashier methods that get a lot of attention in the news these days. But there are plenty of thieves who understand the best way to swipe a car is to get the keys.

Obviously, the way to prevent yourself from falling victim to this kind of strategy is to not keep your car keys somewhere obvious and easy for thieves to access. That doesn’t mean you need to get a wall safe to put your keys inside, but a lot of people leave theirs on a hook by their door or in a bowl. Not only does this mean someone can take them while you’re asleep, they’re probably close enough to your vehicle that a signal booster would allow that common way of stealing your ride.

You might consider keeping your keys in your bedroom and in a Faraday cage, especially at night. Sadly, we all can’t be too careful these days.

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