Lightning Causes Chevy Corvette Fire At Dealership In Georgia

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It’s a little… shocking.

In a shocking turn of events, a lightning strike at a Chevrolet dealer in Georgia wreaked havoc, leading to an explosion that devastated several cars on display. A reminder of nature’s unpredictable fury, this incident brings a twist to the widely held belief that a car is one of the safest places to be during a thunderstorm, given its Faraday cage-like properties.

Watch police in Georgia PIT a Dodge Challenger fleeing at speed here.

Over the past weekend, as storm clouds gathered, a lightning bolt targeted a gas storage tank at the Sons Chevrolet car dealership in Columbus, GA. The subsequent explosion, potentiated by the volatile nature of the gas, led to the destruction of multiple cars parked in proximity. Vehicles, including a Corvette, a Ram panel van, and several Chevrolet SUVs, bore the brunt of the explosion’s wrath.

While the metal framework of a car often acts as a conduit, redirecting electric currents away from its occupants during a lightning strike, the explosive combination of lightning and a gas storage tank proved devastating. Vehicles affected by the explosion were left with shattered windows, disfigured doors, and peeled-off bodywork. For Chevrolet enthusiasts, the sight of these iconic cars in such a condition would undoubtedly be heartbreaking.

Fortunately, the incident occurred when the showroom was closed, ensuring no personal injuries. A testament to the resilience and spirit of the dealership, the management at Sons Chevrolet confirmed to local news outlet WTVM that operations would resume without delay. By Monday, the dealership had already opened its doors, ready to serve its community once more, even as it grappled with the aftermath of nature’s fury.

Source: WTVM

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