Arkansas Trooper Literally Runs Down Suspect On Crotch Rocket

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While sport bikes, or crotch rockets, can be genuinely fun to ride, they unfortunately seem to attract some of the biggest dorks on the road. There are other interesting vehicles which do the same, but it seems like pretty much everyone has been harassed by some young buck with a huge ego and undeveloped sense of his mortality while straddling one of these things. For that reason alone, it’s hilarious to watch an Arkansas State Police trooper give one a nice, firm tap after the suspect on it tries to get away.

See who an Arkansas trooper teachers a Ford Mustang driver who’s the boss of the road here.

Watching this guy dump bike and like a drunken sailor stumble off into the bushes is absolutely hilarious. Just before that, he was signaling the trooper to pull up next to him as he exited the highway after a chase that pushed well beyond 100 mph.

Instead of doing as he was instructed by a fleeing suspect, the trooper uses his Chevy Tahoe to force the motorcyclist onto the shoulder. The guy doesn’t get bogged down, probably what the trooper was hoping to accomplish, and so he does one of the most idiotic things we can think of: strafing right in front of the SUV’s push bar.

The trooper has no qualms about giving the back of the bike a nice firm tap, unbalancing the rider and iron/plastic steed as the guy panics and twists the throttle, making the bad situation worse. He’s obviously not that experienced of a rider, but we could’ve guessed that by his attire and behavior before the love tap.

Fortunately, this kid is smart enough to not try running on foot. After all, he was fortunate enough to be run down, literally, by a K9 unit. Trying to outrun a fur missile at close range wouldn’t have gone well for him at all.

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