Arkansas Trooper PITs Nissan Xterra Into Church

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We’ve seen police PIT fleeing suspects into ditches, embankments, poles, even other vehicles, but this is the first time we’ve seen a suspect get flung into a church. Perhaps this Arkansas trooper miscalculated the weight of the Xterra and checked it a little too hard, because it really went flying off the road and made an unannounced visit to the holy house.

Car thieves drive victim’s vehicle to his workplace.

According to the trooper, what initially caught his attention was a cracked windshield and expired tags. Most people who know they have such violations might cuss up a storm when a cop pulls them over, realizing they’re about to fork out a good sum of cash, but this guy instead makes a run for it.

Nissan Xterras just aren’t good getaway vehicles for a number of reasons. We know some are sorta fast but this one isn’t. They’re also not super stable on pavement, so you can’t whip through turns in them, or at least you shouldn’t. Also, the high center of gravity doesn’t work out so well if a cop does a PIT on one, as you’re about to see.

The chase was over before it really even started and the PIT didn’t even look all that hard. But the Xterra went tumbling hard, crashing through an electrical pole and into the corner of the church beyond. Do these Nissans have a glass jaw?

Also, the guy left the SUV in gear so you see it roll away after he lays on the ground and screams, probably about his hurt ego. The suspect borderline sounds like he’s in need of an exorcism; it’s actually quite hilarious.

Ultimately, police discovered the suspect had a felony warrant – shocker. That explains why he tried running instead of just pulling over, despite being in absolutely one of the worst vehicles for fleeing from anything. Ultimately, his Nissan got wrecked and he picked up a bunch of extra citations. Plus, the judge could hit him with restitution for the church damage.

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