Is This Person Auditioning For Fast 11?

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Everyone once in a while a police chase surfaces where the driver has more skills behind the wheel than the average person who doesn’t pull over for cops. That’s exactly the case with this fleeing fugitive who uses a Saturn to absolutely embarrass a whole group of police officers pursuing him on a highway in Blaine, Minnesota.

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First off, a little Saturn with its anemic four-banger engine should be easy to take down. It’s slow, handles like garbage, and weighs little, so using a higher-powered police car to PIT or otherwise stop the vehicle seems like a simple task. Normally, we’d agree, but this fugitive must’ve been a Hollywood stunt driver or at least an instructor at a racing school, because this guy has moves.

Even though officers keep doing PITs on the little Saturn, this person knows how to keep going. We’re going to go out on a limb and say this isn’t the guy’s first rodeo, or in other words he’s run form the cops before.

At one point he dives into the grassy median, a move which usually ends the chase with cars that don’t have great ground clearance and only two-wheel drive. But somehow this guy coaxes the gerbil-powered engine to keep those tire-free wheels turning. It’s simply amazing to watch.

Just when you think the chase is finally done as at least seven police cars surround this guy on the grassy median, the suspect slips away again. Finally, it takes one of the officers in an SUV absolutely T-boning the Saturn to put the chase to an end. And the car starts catching fire from all the damage.

What makes all of this even more impressive is if you look closely, and we know the video resolution isn’t great, you can see the Saturn’s wheels are tireless. In other words, police already successfully spiked the tires on the fleeing fugitive’s ride, and they fell off, so he’s doing all this on bare rims as they’re deforming. That’s some seriously impressive skills. Now if only this guy could find a constructive, legal use for his talents.

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