Camaro Smashed Into Showroom In Attempted Hellcat Theft

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Car dealerships have almost been like vending machines for car thieves over the past few years. That trend seems to just be worsening as organized theft rings bear down on the soft targets, like a dealership in Dover, Pennsylvania which was subjected to an increasingly common smash and grab technique.

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We’ve seen this tactic used before on car dealerships and retail stores. Per WGAL, the thieves showed up in the middle of the night, then exploited a known security flaw on a Chevy Camaro sitting on the lot. This is why Camaro thefts have been soaring lately.

With the Camaro started, they used it like a battering ram, crashing it into the showroom’s glass doors all in an attempt to steal a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. But the Camaro became lodged in the mangled doors.

The impact also pushed a golf cart that was in the showroom against the Hellcat, pinning it. So the very method the thieves used to try stealing it actually made taking the Mopar muscle car far more difficult.

Likely not wanting to leave empty-handed, the thieves stole a Dodge Challenger which was sitting on the lot. They were able to get a key out of the showroom.

We keep pointing out that dealerships really need to beef up their security. Some have, but one thing that’s painfully obvious is the keys aren’t secured tightly enough. These theft rings know that and often can get to them in a matter of minutes, allowing them to take whatever car they please.

It might even be wise for dealers to install aftermarket security devices on high-risk vehicles like Camaros, Challengers, Chargers, and the like. After all, we’ve seen that approach work for private individuals and they’re often not expensive.

Until then, we fear the dealership theft trend will continue.

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