C8 Corvette Dominated By Chevy Silverado

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You could say it was just like a rock.

Crashes between sports cars and full-size trucks/SUVs are never pretty. That certainly was the case when a Chevy Silverado rolled right on top of a C8 Corvette in Thornton, Colorado back on the evening September 18.

Watch a guy wreck his rental C8 Corvette here.

Pictures shared to Twitter by the local fire department shows the Silverado mounted the ‘Vette almost to the engine compartment. Thankfully, the roof and A-pillars of the C8 mostly maintained their shape instead of folding like a carnival tent.

In fact, the fire department said there were zero injuries in the crash. It wasn’t that long ago such a collision would’ve resulted in a decapitation or other life-threatening injury. The marvel of modern computer-aided engineering is truly wondrous.

Still, we think it’s worth noting that there was in fact a grievous injury suffered by the Corvette. After all, it seems like everyone want to get their hands on a C8 these days and this one looks likely to be totaled. Maybe someone savvy enough to fix whatever structural damage has been done will then be able to enjoy the mid-engine sports car on the cheap.

Meanwhile, the Silverado appears to have minimal, mostly cosmetic damage to the lower front fascia. One can choose to look at this as the “scary” nature of full-size modern trucks or an endorsement for how safe they are to drive.

Little sports cars are fun, but we know from personal experience that just like with motorcycles, many motorists have trouble even seeing them. And this isn’t true just for people in full-size vehicles, but even those driving a Toyota RAV4 or a Chevy Equinox. There are probably multiple reasons for why this is, but that’s the sad reality of modern driving.

Images via Thornton Fire Department

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