‘Will Run’ Mustang Slams Into Family’s SUV

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Saturday afternoon on Highway 101 took a shocking turn when a Ford Mustang emblazoned with a cheeky “Will Run” license plate cover sped over 100 mph, only to crash horrifically into an SUV with a family onboard.

Watch a Mustang driver almost crash while trying to show off here.

The brash 18-year-old behind the wheel, Marcus Burton, wasn’t just out for a joyride. He was actively fleeing from a California Highway Patrol stop when the Mustang hurtled into the SUV around 1:30 p.m., near the Mendocino Avenue exit.

Though the Instagram footage of the crash leaves viewers gasping – showing not only the moment of impact but also the subsequent arrest of Burton and another suspect escaping the Mustang wreckage – the outcome was somewhat miraculous. The three passengers of the SUV, including a child, were taken to a hospital with injuries ranging from minor to moderate.

The reckless escapade wasn’t Burton’s first dance with danger. David Derutte, a CHP spokesman, mentioned the vehicle’s involvement in previous incidents with multiple agencies, though “nothing as extreme as yesterday.”

The audacity of the “Will Run” sign seems almost prescient, given that the Mustang had eluded law enforcement captures several times in the past month. But Burton’s evasive streak ended Saturday, as he now faces a stint in the Sonoma County jail, charged with felonies like evading police causing injury and child endangerment.

Meanwhile, the unnamed 17-year-old passenger, likely counting his lucky stars, was released to the custody of his parents.

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