Watch Arkansas Police PIT A Jeep At 116 MPH

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People often marvel at how many PIT maneuver videos there are featuring Arkansas State Police. We marvel that anyone in that state tries to run from troopers, because you’re likely going to get spun out, even if you’re going over 100 mph. This dashcam video of a fleeing Jeep clearly illustrates the deft skill ASP has drilled into its ranks.

Watch a suspect try off-roading in his Jeep Wrangler to ditch the cops.

Troopers were notified before this video begins of a fleeing Jeep Grand Cherokee on the highway. We don’t know why this person was running, all we know is they were being incredibly reckless, driving on the shoulder, swerving, etc. all while blasting down the two lanes of travel at over 100 mph.

As our camera car gives chase, there are quite a few anxiety-inducing moments with maneuvers no regular person should try to perform. Keep in mind the trooper has been schooled on high-speed pursuit methods and that the guy driving the Jeep hasn’t been.

Things get really hairy when semi-trucks start blocking both lanes and the suspect doesn’t skip a beat. While the trooper does back off some and adjust his driving style, the Grand Cherokee rockets ahead seemingly without a care in the world.

Once clear of the trucks and other traffic, and before the Jeep reaches some cars up ahead, the trooper wastes zero time in performing a beautifully effective PIT. Since it’s at 116 mph his car also starts going into a spin, but he has the training to keep it from flipping or otherwise going out of control.

Don’t try this at home, kids. ASP puts troopers through rigorous PIT training, which is why they’re authorized to PIT at their discretion. Once again ASP got their man.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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