Cop Car PITs Jeep, Climbs On Top Of It

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We’ve seen some pretty wild PIT maneuvers before, but this is the first time we can recall seeing a police car mount the underside of a suspect’s vehicle afterward. In a scene that one witness told a local reporter looked like something “straight out of a movie” we get a bizarre case we don’t know will ever be duplicated.

Canadian police didn’t actually PIT a tractor.

Like so many police chases, this one started with an attempt to pull over the suspect, who instead decided to take off, almost ramming a couple of police cruisers with his Jeep Gladiator. After winding through city streets as Cobb County Police pursued, the suspect entered I-75 southbound, getting off in Atlanta, says WSB.

 Immediately, the suspect hit two cars, then after turning onto another street he hit a third. Clearly, he posed a danger to everyone on the road, so one of the officers pitted the suspect’s truck, which rolled as it spun out.

At some point during the rollover the Cobb Police cruiser ended up partway on the Jeep’s exposed underbelly. The aftermath looks comical, almost staged, but we’re sure it was a tense moment when this chase finally came to an end.

We’ve seen some weird outcomes to PIT maneuvers and other tactical vehicle interventions. Speed, combined with a variety of forces can sometimes combine for some rather unpredictable results which is why police should be well-trained on PITs and how to mitigate risk. But they will never be entirely free of risk.

The suspect, 50-year-old Robert Shirling, is now facing a string of charges: aggravated assault, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, driving while suspended or revoked (felony), failure to maintain lane, and violation of a traffic control device.

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