Brazil Motorcycle Police Chase Is Absolutely Nuts

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In case you haven’t been paying attention for a really long time, Brazil has quite the problem with robbers on motorcycles. Typically, these people will pick out a target and have at least two people involved, one to snatch a purse/bag or hold someone up to steal money or other valuables, then a getaway rider. Sometimes they strike in groups with two or three bikes.

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Things have gotten so bad with these outlaws that some Brazilians have taken to plowing them down with their cars when they see a robbery in progress. Others pack heat and turn the tables. You might be wondering why people would be so fed up with the problem, but to see a police officer on a motorcycle try chasing down this pair of robbers on a motorcycle might give you a hint.

Both are excellent riders and seem to know the city streets like the back of their hand. It’s like something out of a movie, only there are no random explosions or other wanton violence. But there are plenty of nail biting moments where the robbers and officer take blind corners at speed, something which easily could have ended in tragedy.

The number of close calls with cars, buses, heavy trucks, and inanimate objects is insane. Both take the speed humps in the road with grace and show an adeptness for cutting corners without hitting curbs that would make many riders envious.

However, the chase can’t go on forever. As the cop stays on their tail, you can see the passenger and rider keep looking back as if they can’t believe they haven’t lost him. That’s when the suspect rider pushes things to a whole other level, going down narrow alleys that are barely wide enough for either motorcycle, and it’s a gamble that absolutely backfires.

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