Murder Suspect Takes Florida Troopers On Wild Chase

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Failure to move over for a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle stopped on the shoulder of a highway led to a high-speed chase of a murder suspect. This just goes to show that vigilance on behalf of law enforcement does in fact help take dangerous criminals off streets, making for safer communities.

See police in Florida chase after a Monte Carlo.

There are a lot of experts on social media who just know cops shouldn’t ever aggressively enforce traffic violations. We strongly suspect these armchair admirals have a long history of getting pulled over, racking up all kinds of fines, and so they’re bitter and want to use their online clout to change law enforcement. The scary part is back in 2020 that seemed to work to a degree in some areas and the fallout hasn’t been pretty.

As you can see in the video, the Infiniti driver fakes pulling off the road before taking off. What he doesn’t seem to realize or care about is he doesn’t have the kind of car capable of absolutely smoking Florida Highway Patrol. Considering he’s wanted for killing someone else, it’s not hard to understand why this suspect wants to get away, no matter the cost.

Not only does this guy try using the moderate traffic on the road against troopers, he at one point almost sideswipes one. He also takes the Infiniti sedan off-roading on the grassy shoulder, which unfortunately wasn’t soft enough for the car to get stuck. Still, that’s good enough for a trooper to PIT the suspect and another runs head-on into the Infiniti, just to make sure he can’t slip away again. After all, the potential price of this guy escaping could be an innocent person’s life.

Sometimes it’s obvious that cops are pulling people over to help line to pockets of a municipality or state. That’s frustrating to deal with, but the solution isn’t to hobble all law enforcement so criminals can literally run free. This case is a perfect example of a police chase which helped keep everyone in the community safe from a potential killer.

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