Mercedes Carjacker Gets Wrecked, Shoots At Police

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Armed carjackings are scary situations since they can easily go from a simple vehicle burglary to a victim being shot and possibly killed. That’s why police in Orland Park, Illinois took reports of an armed carjacking of a Mercedes SUV in the village seriously, hunting for the suspect.

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The suspect, instead of trying to blend in, made it really easy to spot him by blasting down a residential road in the median. An officer spotted him immediately and as you see in the video, gave chase.

As you can see in the dashcam footage, the officer practices patience and methodically stays on the tail of this armed and dangerous suspect. Instead of making some dramatic move to bring the chase to an end, like what you might see in an action movie, he just keeps driving smoothly and waits for the suspect to screw up.

Like we’ve seen in other areas, the freeway portion of this chase shows people in the Chicago metro area also don’t pull over for police and we’re assuming other emergency vehicles. The cop has to weave through traffic with quite a few drivers stubbornly staying in the left lane, making the pursuit all the more treacherous. One driver even swerved toward the cruiser as it drove by on the shoulder – unbelievable.

Some people might try to argue that pursuing this suspect is far too dangerous and that the chase should’ve been called off. Thing is this suspect performed an armed carjacking and so he on the loose presents quite the danger to the public.

Thankfully the suspect wrecked out in an intersection. Had the officer caught up with him and tried performing a PIT or something similar, this suspect probably would’ve opened fire, possibly hitting the officer. Instead, he runs away and shoots at police while on foot.

While the suspect was eventually caught, the case is apparently still pending. Plus, all bodycam footage is being withheld. Still, the vehicle chase is interesting enough to watch.

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