Suspect Tries Using Jeep Wrangler’s Off Road Capabilities To Ditch The Cops

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In big sprawling metropolis areas like Chicago Jeep Wranglers aren’t horribly common, but those who own them rarely venture off the pavement. It’s sad, really, like a horse that’s never allowed to really run across a meadow or a bird that’s always kept caged. But one guy in West Chicago decided to finally let his Jeep roam free during a police chase, making for some interesting viewing.

Off-roading through New Zealand looks amazing.

 What started the chase was an officer observing the Wrangler blast through a red light late at night. Rather than just pull over and take a citation, this individual decided to run in what usually would be considered one of the worst getaway vehicles in the US.

Despite how some Jeep guys drive, they’re actually not sports or muscle cars. Wranglers can’t exactly carve up the road and they’re not particularly quick or fast, especially once you modify them for real off-road duty. Yet this guy tries to flex the rig’s muscles anyway, thankfully not tipping it over while trying to get away.

Instead, after the officer easily stays on his tail, this suspect starts getting kinda crazy, cutting through parking lots and then progressing to hopping curbs, then driving over grass of all things. Technically that counts as off-roading although that’s sadly as good as it gets in a Chicago suburb.

Like we said before, Jeep Wranglers just aren’t good for ditching the cops, unless of course you live somewhere with plenty of rugged terrain and the cops are just in Dodge Chargers. Instead, this off-road rig is like a fish out of water, which is probably why the suspect eventually jumped out and tried his luck on foot.

While the video doesn’t provide many details about the investigation, we’d be willing to bet the Jeep was stolen. It also wouldn’t be surprising to find out the driver had at least one warrant.

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