Off-Roading In New Zealand Looks Amazing

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One of the best things about real, hardcore off-roading where you’re on trails only those who have amazing ground clearance, lockers, and true skills can manage is you get to be immersed in nature. The hustle and bustle of cities and even the suburbs can get to be a little too much, making an adventure through the wilderness an excellent way to recharge. And after watching this off-roading video, we’re once again blown away by the natural beauty of New Zealand.

See the Tesla Model X that got stuck on an Australian beach here.

Everyone was astounded at the iconic scenery in The Lord of the Rings movies and rightfully so. And while Peter Jackson’s crew cherry picked some wonderful locations, it’s obvious New Zealand is just gorgeous all over the place. How any Kiwis can stand to stay in the cities for very long is just beyond us.

These guys are going on what they claim is the most scenic off-road trail in the country, which leads to an old mining establishment known as Macetown. We can’t say for sure if it’s the best one in the nation, but we can say this video makes us want to go off-roading in New Zealand.

There are many other parts of the world we want to go off-roading through, just to be clear. Those include places like Patagonia, the Outback, and even Knik Glacier Trail in Alaska. But New Zealand is now officially on the list.

The YouTuber and his friends are also really excited about the Land Rover Defender Wolf, an ex-UK military vehicle, which has joined this little excursion. They say only two have been imported into New Zealand, so that’s a big deal. We just really enjoyed the Stig hood ornament on one of the other Defenders – that’s pretty clever.

Check out the video and make sure you’re watching in HD, it’s that good.

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