Criminal Genius Tries Buying Porsche Using Fake $78 Million Check

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We’ve seen some dumb criminals try to con their way into getting an expensive car for nothing, but this case out of Indiana might be one of the most hilarious we’ve ever seen. Some guy waltzed into a Porsche dealership with a $78 million check that was obviously fake, then got mad when they wouldn’t give him a car.

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First off, nobody, not even Elon Musk, walks around with a check made out for $78 million, goes to a dealership, and tries using that to buy a vehicle. That’s absolutely insane but we’re sure this guy thought he was just super clever, like a kid hiding under a blanket and giggling the whole time.

As reported by WAVE, 21-year-old Conor James Litka of Bloomington, Indiana, allegedly wouldn’t leave St. Matthews Porsche Dealership when employees wouldn’t accept his multi-million dollar check.

Agitated, he went to the back of the dealership apparently on a quest to just take some car keys and we assume drive off in whatever ride he could get. Employees told him to leave but he wouldn’t take no for an answer, saying he would only leave once they gave him a car.

We wish getting a Porsche for free were so easy because we’d have five. Maybe this guy read The Secret and decided to manifest his Porsche?

Police showed up and arrested Litka. And when they started investigating the case, they reportedly found the kid tried pretty much the same scam at an area Land Rover dealership the day before. The big difference was he showed up with a fake check for $12 million.

As they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try to scam another dealership, right?

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