Camaro Uses Traffic Against Arkansas State Trooper

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Dashcam footage of a chase between an Arkansas State Police trooper and a Chevy Camaro shows just how desperate some people are to get away from the cops. In the video, the suspect weaves through fairly heavy traffic on a Interstate 40, including braving multiple close calls with semi-trucks. The guy was lucky he didn’t crash and everyone else is lucky he didn’t cause a crash, because that almost happened several times.

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The chase started when the trooper was sitting on the side of the interstate and noticed the Camaro approaching at a high rate of speed. Flipping on his rear radar, the trooper confirmed the suspect was going 81 mph in a 65 mph zone. As the suspect blew past him, the trooper turned on his lights and sirens, catching up with the Chevy in an attempt to pull it over.

But the suspect wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Instead of just doing the right thing and taking a ticket, he took off, weaving through traffic and going onto the shoulder as the trooper gave chase in a cat and mouse game.

As you can see in the video, the guy cut it pretty close a number of times while squeezing between vehicles or passing them on the shoulder. Just a few inches in the other direction and that might have been the end of the pursuit and him.

What you also see is how many people seem to not know they have to pull over to the right when they hear police sirens or see lights approaching. Because so many drivers don’t do this, the trooper is hampered in the chase and the suspect eventually gets away. Also, the trooper isn’t selfish like the suspect who seems to have zero problem putting others’ lives at risk so he can get away.

Here’s the real kicker: a lot of people say you can outrun the police but they always know who you are. That’s not always true. The plate on the Camaro was ran by Arkansas State Police and it came back for a 2010 Impala, so they have no idea who was driving the muscle car.
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