Don’t Drink And Drive Your Pony

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With the holidays in full swing people are swept up in revelry or feeling sorry for themselves because their family/social situation isn’t what they’d hoped. What that means is a lot of people stupidly get behind the wheel of their car and drive drunk, rationalizing that home isn’t that far away, they’re only a little tipsy, etc. To help everyone remember this is a stupid idea we bring to you a story of a guy who allegedly was under the influence when he tried turning this Ford Mustang coupe into a convertible at speed.

Armed robbers have their getaway car stolen.

This particular crash happened in Palermo, California with California Highway Patrol responding. Thankfully it was a single-vehicle crash, not someone drunk hitting a family and killing half of them. But that could be the outcome when you or someone you know leaves the bar loaded and tries making it home without an Uber.

We’re willing to bet this guy liked his Mustang. Now the New Edge is probably sitting in a wrecking yard somewhere, the few usable pieces getting stripped off and sold to other people trying to keep theirs going.

The driver was also injured in the crash, which looking at how the roof caved in on the driver’s side, it’s a miracle he didn’t die. However, CHP did disclose he was in critical condition. Is drinking and driving really worth your life or the lives of other people?

We’ve personally seen the long term effects of drunk driving on the innocent victims and those who make this poor decision. It can be ugly, tear families apart both of the offender and victim(s), and make the holidays an annual reminder of a traumatic event nobody should have to endure.

Please, if you do go drinking, whether at a friend’s house, bar, club, etc. for whatever reason, either have a designated driver or use a rideshare service/taxi to get home safely.

Images via CHP – Oroville

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