Stolen Porsche 911 Flees Off-Road From Police

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Most car thieves aren’t exactly the brightest crayons in the box, so it’s not all the surprising when you see them do something like try off-roading a Porsche 911. In fact, in a way it’s amusing, although with how common car thefts have become these days, we’re also getting tired on the lawlessness and increased insurance rates.

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The incident in question happened in Waikato, New Zealand back on April 16 according to 1 News. It all started when someone called police about a burglary at a house and two cars stolen in the process, including the Porsche 911.

Police located the Porsche quickly and decided chasing it would be a bad idea for obvious reasons. Instead, they decided to go for a “tactical approach” by putting up cordons in the area while a helicopter tracked the 911 from high above.

Likely sensing they were getting bottled up, the suspects tried fleeing. At some point officers deployed spike strips effectively, although a local report doesn’t make it clear if that happened before or after the video a bystander took of the Porsche being drive on the grassy shoulder of a road, a barrier separating it from stopped traffic and a lone officer trying to chase it down on foot.

At some point the suspects abandoned the car, probably realizing the blow tires were no good, and took off on foot. If they were trying to use even good tires on a soft shoulder, they couldn’t have gotten far. After all, they weren’t in a Safari 911 with all-terrain tires.

While the three men, ages 30, 31, and 36, were taken into custody, we can’t help but wonder how light of consequences they’ll be facing. It seems many countries in the West have decided car theft is no big deal, giving offenders a slap on the wrist and sending them on their way.

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