Chrysler 200 Flies Through The Air In Wild Chase

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If we were going to run from the police, which we absolutely would do, but just for kicks and giggles if we did we certainly wouldn’t choose to do it in a Chrysler 200. We get that’s all some people have and that’s okay, just don’t run from cops. There is the option to pull over and take the speeding ticket. This suspect instead decided to push his Chrysler until it went airborne, which admittedly makes for entertaining chase footage but is a horrible life decision.

Police in California are no longer allowed to ask this question.

This incident, which took place in Arkansas, starts with the trooper noticing the Chrysler 200 approaching from behind at a high rate of speed. After flipping on his rear radar, he says he clocks the suspect going 90 in a 75 mph zone.

That’s not the end of the world, but when he gets in front of the trooper, then slows down and tries to act innocent, this suspect has to know what’s coming. Why then does he take off once the trooper activates his lights and sirens? Running in such a car was never going to end well.

The chase lasts longer than we would’ve thought. But the suspect never shakes the trooper, who seems to barely break a sweat to keep up. That’s when our Chrysler driver decides to get off the interstate and try getting fancy.

What’s funny is a Chrysler 200 handles about as well as it accelerates, so this guy ends up in the dirt while trying to blast down a winding road. When the trooper tries pitting him, the suspect veers off the road again, apparently thinking his sedan is some sort of trail rig.

People who don’t have experience not driving on nice, smooth asphalt don’t realize that at speed, a bump can send you flying, which happens here as the Chrysler and the pursuing ASP cruiser go flying over the road and to the other side. That seems to kill the 200 and our suspect decides that’s when to become suddenly compliant.

One more thing: it’s impressive how everyone moves to the right lane as this trooper approaches. Some even pull off on to the shoulder. Far too often we see people in pursuit videos refusing to move for police as if they have the right to camp in the left lane. It’s nice to see that in some places people still behave decently.

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