Mustang Almost Takes Out A Crowd, Again

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There’s an unfortunate stereotype about Ford Mustangs being undeniably attracted to crowds of pedestrians. While Mustang enthusiasts try really hard to act like they have absolutely no idea where this originates, we have yet another video which reinforces the stereotype. Sorry, Mustang boys, this is going to be rough.

Dealership employee gets arrested while test driving customer’s Mustang.

Shared on Instagram by 323_1320 without any context, we get a brief clip of some guys standing on the side of a road, then a Mustang careening out of control, almost taking them out like a bunch of bowling pins.

Fortunately, the guys were paying attention and moved in a hurry once they saw the out-of-control Mustang coming their way. We credit all the jokes about Mustangs hitting crowds for their heightened awareness of the potential danger. See, Mustang jokes save lives.

Just like in so many other Mustang crash videos, this little pony takes out a light pole as it spins out. We’ve seen many Ford muscle cars hit utility poles, almost like they’re just as attracted to those as groups of pedestrians.

To be honest, we’ve seen other cars hit people at meets and illegal events, but for some reason a good chunk of the time they are in fact Mustangs. And we were assured that once the solid rear axle was dumped with the S550 we wouldn’t see such things anymore. Yet this is an S550 and we’ve seen many errant S550s in the past few years. How odd.

Really, we think situations like this are caused by people who don’t really know how to handle a higher-powered rear-wheel-drive car. Mustangs are quite popular and so a lot of people who don’t know much about driving get one but don’t bother learning how to drive it properly. Also, showboating on public roads with cold tires is just a formula for disaster.

Now check out the crash video for yourself.

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