Man Survives Being Trapped In Wrecked Truck For 6 Days

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Car accidents can be scary events, especially bad ones where you see everything crumpling around you in slow motion. But we can’t imagine what Matt Reum went through after crashing his truck, which rolled underneath a highway bridge in rural Indiana and was undiscovered for six days. The man was trapped in the wreckage, spending Christmas in there until he was finally rescued.

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First responders were shocked to learn that after so long Reum was still alive after being trapped inside the truck for days on end. When you see the photos of what was left of his Ram 1500, it’s not hard to understand why. But with it being unseasonably warm, even though the pickup was partly in the water, he was able to stay alive.

Ultimately, some guys looking for a good fishing spot were the ones who noticed the truck through some tree cover and went to investigate. At first, they thought it was just an abandoned wreck, but then they saw Reum from behind an airbag, touched his shoulder, and learned he was alive They called 911 and first responders descended on the area, eventually extricating Reum and transporting him to the hospital.

Reum has expressed his gratitude for those who saved him and all the well wishes since his rescue. He says a long pathway to recovery is ahead but he seems optimistic about the future. The guy likely thought he was going to die slowly and alone, so to suddenly be discovered and rescued had to have been a tremendous relief.

Officials believe Reum’s Ram 1500 veered for some unexplained reason to the other side of the highway barrier, was launched into the air, then rolled down the embankment by the river several times until it was hidden from view under the bridge.

Source: Fox 32 Chicago

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