Nashville Is Drowning In Abandoned Cars

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In some US cities, abandoned cars left in different states of disrepair have become all too common eyesores. One area that’s seen a big uptick in vehicles just dumped that don’t get moved by the city is Nashville, Tennessee. Residents are getting sick of rides that have sat sometimes for years at a time.

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To be honest, we’ve known about this issue in areas like Detroit but weren’t aware it was such a big problem in Nashville until running across a recent report from local news station WKRN. It sounds like the epicenter of the issue is the East Nashville neighborhood, which is described by some as “quirky” or “chic.”

We can’t imagine having a dumpy old car just parked in front of our house for months on end while the city just doesn’t do anything about it. According to the report, Nashville says the issue in part is the contractor who was moving abandoned cars quit over a year ago.

What isn’t asked is why the contractor quit? And a good follow-up question would be why hasn’t a new one been hired? Do they just not pay well or are overly demanding? It seems like a potentially creampuff job for someone with a tow truck and know-how, so what gives?

Also, why are there so many abandoned cars in Nashville? Some cities don’t have any, so what’s going on that it’s such an issue there? And what can city officials do to help turn this unfortunate tradition around? A councilmember the reporter spoke to seemed to have a lot of excuses about the whole situation. Perhaps that’s part of the problem.

While we’re sure some of the abandoned cars aren’t stolen, we’re also willing to bet a fair number are. So why do they just sit for years on end?

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