Georgia Man Hit with $1.4 Million ‘Placeholder’ Speeding Ticket

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In an eyebrow-raising incident, a Georgia man was slapped with a whopping $1.4 million fine after being caught driving at 90 mph in a 55 mph zone. The staggering sum, however, was clarified by local authorities as merely a “placeholder.”

Police in Metro Atlanta say they’re finally cracking down on illegal street takeovers.

Connor Cato, the motorist in question, was left stunned when he received the seven-figure ticket. “I knew I was going to be fined for speeding, but $1.4 million was beyond comprehension,” Cato told local media outlet, WSAV.

When Cato contacted the Savannah court to inquire about the potential typographical error, he was met with a firm response. “The lady on the phone confirmed the ‘$1.4 million’ figure,” Cato shared. “She insisted that I either pay up or appear in court on Dec. 21.”

Joshua Peacock, a representative for the city of Savannah, shed light on the perplexing situation. Speaking to the Associated Press, Peacock explained that the jaw-dropping figure was an auto-generated “placeholder” by an e-citation software. The significant number appears because super speeder tickets necessitate a court appearance, lacking a pre-set fine upon being issued by the police.

The city of Savannah further clarified in an email to WSAV that the ultimate penalty is determined by a judge. According to Peacock, the actual fine, when factoring in state-mandated costs, will not exceed $1,000.

Given the confusion and publicity surrounding this incident, the Recorder’s Court is now revisiting the placeholder language used in e-citations. Their aim? To ensure no other motorist is left as flabbergasted as Cato in the future.

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