Louisiana District Attorney Carjacked

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On the night of October 16, Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams came face-to-face with a gunman and his accomplice who wanted William’s Lincoln Navigator. The DA was out with his 78-year-old mother and was helping her out of the vehicle when the carjacker approached.

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Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the confrontation. Sometimes, an armed carjacking includes the aggressor pistol whipping or shooting one or more of the victims, even if they comply and hand over the keys.

According to local news station Fox 8, Williams didn’t actually had over the key fob. He claims that move meant the suspect couldn’t get far in his SUV. However, the suspects carjacked a 22-year-old woman half an hour later. Her vehicle was also recovered soon after. One suspect has been arrested so far.

Not everyone is feeling sympathetic towards Williams. After all, he ran for his position with the promise of rolling back incarcerations in favor of social justice reform. Some believe he and other district attorneys who have similar approaches have only fueled the rise in violent crimes.

New Orleans, like many other larger US cities, has become not only a hotbed for car theft but also for armed carjackings. Victims are often traumatized long after even if they’re unhurt during the crime.

Carjackers often wait for you to be in a vulnerable position to strike. In this case, Williams was likely not paying attention to his surroundings while helping his mother get out of the car. We’ve seen them strike at gas stations, store parking lots, even when people are getting into or out of their vehicle in the garage. It’s key that you’re always aware of your surroundings, keeping your head on a swivel. That might sound paranoid but with crime continuing to climb, including armed carjackings, it’s wise advice.

Image via New Orleans District Attorney’s Office

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