Another Mustang Crashes Into A Building

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Everyone knows the old stereotype of Ford Mustangs crashing into groups of pedestrians as they’re leaving car meets. That one has been the subject of countless memes, articles, etc. But we’ve noticed a disturbing new trend of Mustangs hitting buildings, both houses and commercial properties. And it’s happened again, this time in downtown Los Angeles.

Watch a Mustang driver almost crash while trying to show off here.

As captured by OnScene TV, the aftermath of this crash is pretty gruesome. Let’s just say the Mustang hit a brick building and the structure won big time. Somehow the driver was able to walk away from this one, refusing to be transported to the hospital instead of being carted off unconscious in an ambulance.

Chalk the fact the driver was at least in okay shape up to modern safety advances. Sure, they’ve helped make cars chunkier, heavier, etc. but if they save just one Mustang driver’s life after they plow into a brick wall, it’s all worth the sacrifice.

You can see from the footage the Mustang was in pretty bad shape. We don’t know always know what damage is done by fire crews as they extract someone out of a vehicle, but we can see the windshield was shattered, the driver’s door is peeled in two, the driver-side rear wheel was sheared off, rear bumper was partly torn off, and the driver-side A-pillar crumpled like a soy burger fanatic in a fist fight with Joe Rogan.

Somehow, the passenger side of the Mustang was relatively untouched. We wonder if this pony will ever ride again.

What’s weird is it almost looks like the Ford didn’t even contact the building. After all, the front bumper, hood, and front quarter panels look just fine. Perhaps the primary hit was against the pole? Tell us what you think and why Mustangs have been targeting buildings so much lately.

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