Florida Woman Shoots Up Boyfriend’s Girlfriend’s Car

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Florida has got to be one of the weirdest states in the Union and this story of a “mistress” shooting up her boyfriend’s girlfriend’s car with his gun clearly illustrates that. It’s the kind of story which pretty much could only come out of the land of gators, California, or Alabama.

You can’t paint or wrap your car to look like a Florida trooper.

If you’re confused about how this web of relationships works, bear with us while we walk you through who is who. Per Fox 35 Orlando, 20-year-old Zehra Percy was the one who shot up the car another woman was driving with that woman’s one-year-old child in the backseat. Apparently, the other woman is the girlfriend of the other woman and he’s the father of the baby.

Percy, who is being described as the man’s “mistress” even though he’s not married, took the man’s gun which she allegedly used to shoot the other woman’s car as she left her apartment to go to Wendy’s.  But the report goes on to state the other woman got into an argument with Percy after seeing her exit an apartment with the man.

So basically this was like a high school girls’ fight over a boy, only these are supposedly grown women and one used a gun. And a baby was in the crossfire. Ugh.

Later, when Percy was arrested during a traffic stop, she reportedly referred to the man as her “sugar daddy.” So apparently this is something unmarried men are now doing, at least in places like Florida. Suddenly, living in a Leave It To Beaver existence doesn’t sound so bad.

Incidentally, in the traffic stop that resulted in Percy’s capture, she wasn’t driving but instead was a backseat passenger. This is why cops will sometimes ask for the IDs of every adult riding in a vehicle.

Image via Volusia County Sheriffs Office

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