Kids Regularly Crash Stolen Cars At This Intersection

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Kids who steal cars seem to think not only is swiping people’s cars a joke, but so is law enforcement. That’s the only way we can explain stories like this one where kids take stolen vehicles and do little takeover events, purposely crashing into each other in the same intersection over and over again.

Watch a Tesla get absolutely trashed during a street takeover.

A family who lives near the intersection in Bakersfield, California says they’ve reported this activity to authorities but nobody has done anything to put an end to it. We’d love to say we’re shocked, but it’s almost like certain municipal leaders are encouraging this sort of behavior what with car thieves getting released before the paperwork on their crimes is even filled out.

You can watch the video report we’ve included from KGET News to see these kids crashing stolen cars over and over again. The local news at least seems to understand why this is such a problem, so why don’t leaders in Bakersfield?

The dad in the story doesn’t seem to have much hope about the situation. He feels nothing is going to change until one of the kids in a stolen car does “some real damage to someone.” We understand the frustration anyone would feel as they watch their city turn into a giant Grand Theft Auto game server. Nobody wants to live like that.

It’s worth noting that in the footage you see Kias. Those cars are notoriously easy to steal, which is why some insurance companies won’t even extend coverage to them anymore. All kids have to do is jump on TikTok to learn how to boost one with simple tools. But that doesn’t excuse city officials from doing something about kids committing these crimes.

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