Florida Woman Steals An Ambulance, Goes On Rampage

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Great, now the women in Florida are getting in on the action.

Florida Man is legendary by now, having done all kinds of crazy things, including wrestling alligators for drugs and breaking into jail to hang out with friends. But we’ve been noticing the emergence of Florida Woman in the past few years, something so subtle you might not have realized it yet. This case of one Florida woman stealing and crashing an ambulance a few times perfectly illustrates what we’re talking about.

See a man in Florida attack teens in a road rage incident here.

According to the Miami Herald, 34-year-old Ciara McGriff is facing numerous charges after reportedly stealing an ambulance that was parked at some accident scene – it doesn’t get specific about that. However, it does state that one employee of the ambulance service was still in the emergency vehicle when McGriff took it.

Thankfully, that employee was able to get out of the ambulance without getting injured, which was fortunate since they surely would’ve been harmed had they stayed in it for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. It’s also lucky nobody who was injured was being treated inside.

The report says McGriff hit another vehicle with the ambulance and kept going. Thankfully nobody was injured in that crash, but it’s doubtful she stuck around to find out. Instead, McGriff kept going, jumping out before running the vehicle into a tree. Unless the brakes had gone out from her thrashing the vehicle, it sounds like she intentionally ran the ambulance into the tree.

What’s truly horrible about this situation is people’s lives depend on ambulances being operational. McGriff through her alleged actions took one out of service for who knows how long. We don’t know what the impact is for Broward County, but it can’t be good.

She’s reportedly facing charges for grand theft auto, false imprisonment and leaving the scene of accident with property damage. Hopefully restitution for damaging the ambulance and other car are thrown in there by a judge.

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