Dodge Challenger Impounded After North Carolina Street Takeover

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Do the crime, pay the time.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department wants to send a message to street takeover organizers and participants: we will take your car. After a weekend of street takeover incidents, the law enforcement agency showed off video of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat being pulled onto the bed of a wrecker after it was seized for being used in the illegal event.

See how another city is snuffing out street takeovers here.

The department said in a Facebook post that it has seized several vehicles related to the street takeovers. Unlike Atlanta, Los Angeles, and other cities which seem to treat such crimes with kid gloves, this North Carolina metro area has taken off the gloves, joining other locations in their zero tolerance of street takeovers.

In the post, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says the driver of this Hellcat is a “repeat offender” or in other words is an avid street takeover participant. Now she doesn’t have her beloved muscle car, plus picked up a citation for reckless driving. We hope the prosecutor adds to the charges and doesn’t cut her a sweet deal, making an example out of these scofflaws.

Also towed was a Ford Mustang. Police say the driver was cited for unlawful assembly. Believe it or not, the First Amendment doesn’t cover you just shutting down an intersection or part of a street so you can do donuts and burnouts for people to record and post on TikTok. Who knew?

Shocking nobody, the driver of the Mustang is another repeat offender, with the department disclosing they’ve been cited before for reckless driving. We say throw the book at these morons so they start learning their lesson.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, 22 people have been arrested, 97 citations have been issued, and 59 vehicles have been towed since February for street takeover foolishness. More cities need to be doing at least this much. And prosecutors need to start getting tough with these punks who think city streets are their personal playground.

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