C7 Corvette Absolutely Roasts Arkansas State Police

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The fact of the matter is C7 Corvettes are legitimate performance machines. We know C8s get a lot of press these days, and while they’re definitely impressive the C7s are quite capable. That’s on full display in this wild chase video between a modded C7 ‘Vette and an Arkansas state trooper with speeds reaching 160 mph or so.

Woman steals C7 Corvette with $60,000 cash inside.

Like so many other videos, this one starts with the trooper getting behind and following the American sports car. He tries having dispatch run the tags while the suspect exits the freeway in favor of surface streets, perhaps sensing what’s coming.

As you can clearly hear the trooper say in the video, this C7 Corvette has a temporary or paper tag out of Oklahoma. Those things are often used by unscrupulous people to hide that they’re driving a stolen car. We’re not saying this Corvette is stolen, but it might be and that would explain why the driver fled like he did.

Suddenly, as the Corvette turns right at the light of the bottom of the exit ramp, the suspect guns it and that’s when you can hear the car is at least running an aftermarket exhaust, possibly more. Then the chase is on.

This suspect is at least smart enough to not just blow through a red light, instead, taking it slow and making sure he doesn’t hit the cross traffic, before dropping the hammer again. It doesn’t take long for the C7 to become a little dot on the horizon.

The ASP cruiser accelerates up to 120 mph on the long, wide surface street but it doesn’t gain on the Chevy. Even though the trooper is probably in a Hemi Dodge Charger Pursuit, he’s ruthlessly outgunned in this fight. The only hope is that the suspect wrecks out or someone down the road can spike his tires.

Neither one happens, so this suspect at least knows how to drive decently, unlike so many others. Check it out for yourself.

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