Pathetic Street Racer Gets Taken Down By Police

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Street racing has become a real problem in many metropolitan areas with racers shutting down traffic on highways so they have an unoccupied straight stretch of road. Not only is this practice incredibly dangerous and selfish, it’s also illegal. These street racers know that but think they can get away with taking over public highways, so it’s great to see videos like this one where the cops bust them.

Watch more street racers get taken down.

In the beginning of the dashcam footage, you can see this Florida Highway Patrol trooper coming up on a traffic slowdown caused by the street racers and their buddies blocking traffic. The trooper seems to know what’s going on up ahead, pulling onto the shoulder to get around the slowed and stopped cars so he can reach the racers.

As he does, one of the participants blacks out, that is turns off all the lights on his car, and speeds away. Nothing indicates culpability quite like that sort of move. If you’re going to do something like that you better have the chops to actually get away.

You already know how this ends, but it’s entertaining seeing the street racer give fleeing his all only to have the trooper stay right on his blacked-out tail.

At one point the racer guy almost wrecks out trying to get past two cars that are driving side-by-side. The trooper struggles to get around them as well, leaving us yet again to wonder why people in Florida don’t pull over for police going lights and sirens?

The suspect tries faking out the trooper by pretending to get ready to turn, but the trooper doesn’t bite. And that maneuver allows the trooper to ram the side of the black Genesis this guy was using to run. The driver was arrested quickly and tried telling the trooper he was scared, like that’s an excuse to run. We’re not surprised a street racer would act this pathetic when faced with the consequences of his stupid actions.  

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