Street Racing Suspect Turns Himself In

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Nashville, Tennessee like many other cities has been grappling with an illegal street racing problem in recent years. We can talk about the many different reasons why this is happening, but we also recognize police can’t stand idly by as people blast through city streets at breakneck speeds, putting countless lives in danger. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department was able to notch a victory in this department by simply using its words.

Watch a street racer wreck himself out while running from police here.

That’s right, the department was able to talk a known street racer into surrendering instead of having to chase him down at breakneck speeds and PIT him out. It’s always a big win when police can bag a criminal without a dangerous situation unfolding.

According to an official press release, 24-year-old Marcus Magee of Antioch surrendered at the South Precinct on September 8. The man had three outstanding warrants, so it was a matter of time before police caught up with and arrested him.

Police say back in August Magee was involved in a street racing incident that resulted in a long helicopter pursuit. We’re assuming his license plate was visible and so police knew exactly who he was, because detectives called the man and let him know he was being hunted down for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, evading arrest, and false report after the chase through Nashville.

Probably realizing that continuing to run would result in even more charges, Magee had an unnamed woman drive him to his appointed surrender. However, detectives noticed the charming aroma of weed coming from the car and so had probable cause to search it, finding 1.2 pounds of the devil’s lettuce and two loaded guns inside. As a result, Magee was also slapped with four counts of felony weapon possession, felony drug possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Don’t do drugs, don’t street race, and don’t have guns if you’re a convicted felon, kids.

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