Canadian Kid Gets Daddy’s Corvette Impounded

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Peel Regional Police in Canada recently took to X (the social media site formerly known as Twitter) to mock a 23-year-old male driver who got pulled over for speeding in his dad’s C8 Corvette. Whoever runs the social media account used a line from the Prince song Little Red Corvette, just to add to the insult.

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We’re not saying the C8 Corvette was daddy’s because we don’t think a 23-year-old could buy one with their own money. Obviously one could, although most couldn’t even begin to afford such an expensive car without any parental assistance. Instead, police volunteered the fact the mid-engine sports car was in fact the father’s vehicle.

Included in the post was a photo of the measured speed the kid was going: 186 kmh in a 60 khm zone. For those who don’t think gravy and cheese curds belong on fries, that’s about 115 mph in a 37 mph zone, so the kid was really hauling.

The other photo is of the C8 Corvette on the back of a wrecker. It got impounded for 14 days, which in most jurisdictions in the States would be considered light. As for the driver, he got a stunt driving charge and a 30-day license suspension. We believe that comes with a fairly large fine, too.

What we’re wondering is did this 23-year-old who was tooling around in daddy’s C8 Corvette have permission to drive the car? If he did, is the father smoking banana peels? We would never hand the keys to our high-performance vehicle to a young driver, but that’s just us.

Also, do you think he got grounded or did daddy increase his weekly allowance to help make up for this difficult trial his son was forced into by the mean police?

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