Fleeing Suspect Drives Truck Onto Police Cruiser

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Domestic calls are some of the most dangerous things law enforcement can respond to and this one proves why that’s true. A man has been accused of using his heavy-duty Ford truck to hit his daughter. Ultimately, a chase ensued and ended when the guy drove his pickup on top of a police cruiser.

Man thrown from the hood of his own car during carjacking.

Why the guy would allegedly try to hurt or kill his own daughter isn’t clear. But when police showed up he allegedly pointed a gun at them, then took off. During a chase, he’s accused of shooting at an officer who threw Stop Sticks out in front of the Ford.

After the suspect drove his pickup onto the police cruiser, multiple officers from a few departments opened fire. After all, that’s assault with a deadly weapon and so meeting that with deadly force is usually justified. Road raging people should but probably don’t understand that trying to use their vehicle as a weapon could qualify as the same thing.

We know there are a lot of activists out there who will use this and similar incidents to argue that “nobody needs a truck” All it takes is one person to abuse their pickup and that’s fodder for wild talk about trying to ban or restrict them. So if you do own a truck, don’t be a jerk and remember the incredibly destructive power you wield with your vehicle.

The officer who was in the cruiser was injured in the crash. So was the suspect, plus he was hit in the shootout afterward. It sounds like the trapped cop wasn’t hit in the firefight, although police wouldn’t tell local media about his injuries, so that might not be true.

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