Missouri Woman Drives On Interstate With Husband Clinging To Car Hood

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A woman from Vinita Park, Missouri has been charged with first-degree domestic assault and resisting arrest by fleeing after she drove on the interstate with her husband holding onto the car’s hood. The situation started with the couple arguing at their home and ended with the wife in jail, facing serious consequences for her actions.

This is what happened when a guy pulled a gun on a repo tow truck driver.

The report from local station KMOV doesn’t indicate how the husband ended up on the car’s hood, only that 38-year-old Stephanie Boyd got into an argument with him, then drove away with the guy holding on for dear life.

She allegedly was driving recklessly, we’re guessing to try causing her husband to fall and get hurt, eventually getting on Interstate 170, which she traveled on for 4.6 miles. Holding onto a car that’s traveling 65 mph or above would be pretty scary.

After exiting the interstate, Boyd allegedly drove through a construction zone while continuing to attempt to fling her husband from the vehicle. Thankfully, a police officer saw what was going on and tried to pull Boyd over. However, she’s accused of continuing to drive recklessly for half a mile before finally obeying the officer’s commands.

No matter how mad you are at a person, trying to run them over or throw them from your vehicle they’re holding onto as you’re driving down the road is never a good idea. Boyd is apparently being held on a $100,000 cash-only bond and has been ordered by the court to have zero contact with her husband if she is released. She’s probably facing some hard time and perhaps restitution after her raged-filled stunt.

Domestic violence, whether it involves using a car as a weapon or not, is wrong no matter who’s initiating it. We hope Boyd and her husband get the help they need but have a funny feeling she’ll be single and available soon enough for anyone brave enough to go on that wild ride.

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