Ukrainian MMA Fighter Almost Killed Confronting Car Thieves

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We don’t recommend doing this.

As a foreign national, moving to Philadelphia might sound like a great idea. After all, it’s the birthplace of America’s government and houses the Liberty Bell. However, a Ukrainian MMA fighter is learning the hard way just how out of control crime there is especially car theft after some thieves swiped his car and he was almost killed trying to get it back.

See the aftermath of a fatal accident caused by carjackers in Houston here.

Like a lot of people, Ego Kostyuchenko is grinding it out as he pursues his dream as an MMA fighter, says local station ABC6. To help make ends meet, the man delivers food using his Mercedes. However, he made a critical error, leaving the car running while he ran up to a door to complete a delivery. Some thieves were waiting and they took full advantage.

Without hesitation, Kostyuchenko ran after the thieves in his Mercedes. When they hit a red light, he was able to catch up. Then he started arguing with the driver. But as the vehicle started to leave, Kostyuchenko held on through the open window.

That’s when the driver started threatening to kill him, Kostyuchenko says. At that point a man sitting in the backseat took out a gun and fired two rounds, thankfully missing his intended target.

Realizing the threat was real, Kostyuchenko safely got off his vehicle. He lost not only his Mercedes but also his wallet, phone, training gear, and some important paperwork. His friend told ABC6 that Kostyuchenko has been robbed twice in the eight months since he moved here. Not to sound too harsh, but what does he expect in modern Philadelphia? Carjackings alone have become common in the city along with other violent and property crimes.

Believe it or not, leaving a vehicle running while fulfilling deliveries is a common practice among people who work side gigs. They worry that constantly turning off and turning back on their engine will lead to serious repairs. That’s why they’ll often just leave their vehicle idling.

Everyone can debate till the cows come home the possibility of big repairs from stop and starting ones car over and over every day. Ultimately, leaving the engine running allows opportunistic thieves to steal your ride without any effort. We’ve even heard of thieves ordering food or whatever at a specific address so they can ambush the driver, stealing their ride.

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