Suspect In Stolen Car Rams Police Six Times Trying To Escape

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While we understand why people want to get vengeance on car thieves after their ride is stolen, we’ve been warning about the dangers of going after them. Another great example of how even the police, who are trained, armed, and have backup, can become victims of car thieves’ violent tendencies has emerged from Vallejo, California.

Couple caught riding around in a Dodge Charger wearing stolen parts.

According to the city’s police department, officers spotted an Infiniti Q50 with a shattered sunroof as it pulled into a parking lot back on April 22. If you don’t know, many times thieves will use the sunroof to access the interior of a car since it’s not as obvious as busting out one of the side windows.

Suspicious it might be stolen, officers ran the plates and they returned as stolen off a Subaru. That’s when police moved to corner the stolen Infiniti, turned on their emergency lights, and tried to take the suspect driver into custody.

But the suspect panicked and rammed the officer’s patrol car six times as he tried getting away.  When that didn’t work, he rammed the car into a wall. Did he think he was driving Killdozer? Some people just don’t get when they’re caught and it’s over.

After arresting the guy for more than just being in a stolen car, police searched the Infiniti. Sure enough, they found more damning evidence including a handgun missing its serial number.

The Infiniti’s VIN returned with a stolen vehicle report out of Richmond. A records check on the suspect revealed he’s been in a lot of trouble, including having several arrest warrants. No wonder he wanted to get away so badly.

This guy was obviously armed and dangerous, which is why we counsel people if they have a tracker and know where their stolen vehicle is, they need to proceed with caution. We wouldn’t confront any thieves, just take the car if it’s unoccupied and get out of there because these guys are often unafraid to use violence against you.

Image via Vallejo Police Department/Facebook

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