Mustang Engine Revving Results In Court Case

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As car enthusiasts we know not everyone understands why our vehicles aren’t whisper quiet. It seems some people expect the whole world to drive Priuses or Teslas these days, so when they hear a louder exhaust they just launch into orbit. That’s what seems to be behind a recent legal case out of Canada where a “strata” council was fining residents because a Ford Mustang was too loud.

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 For those who are American, a “strata” is usually a subdivision of condos, townhouses, duplexes, etc. It’s a term not used here in the US, but it sounds like the council acts like an HOA association, fining people for not doing what they want and making plenty of threats to keep residents in line.

The council didn’t like the Mustang owned by the grandson of some residents, claiming its “engine revving noise is excessive, and has caused a nuisance to other strata residents,” reports CTV News. There were also complaints about “car maintenance tools and loud music from the Mustang’s stereo.” In other words, the council just didn’t like the pony car and wanted it gone.

They tried barring the Mustang from parking on the property or even from driving through it, insisting it had to stay on public roads only. When they claimed the Mustang drove onto the property, the council fined the residents, something that happened a few times.

Eventually, the case ended up in a small claims tribunal in British Columbia. Both sides argued their case about the fines and ongoing ban of the pony car from the property. However, the tribunal ordered all the fines imposed be reversed, saying the council’s own bylaws don’t allow it to ban a specific vehicle from entering the property.

When it came to the Mustang making noise, the tribunal said “the strata has an ongoing duty to enforce its bylaws, including noise and nuisance bylaws.” But one tribunal member made it clear the strata didn’t present evidence that the muscle car was making excessive noise.

We’re not sure what the definition for excessive noise from a car is since it seems to change from place to place. It seems like the court outcome in this case was a little of a mixed bag.

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