Woman With Felony Warrants Shows A Chevy Cavalier Can Off-Road

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An Arkansas trooper who was patrolling a rural road while on the look for a woman wanted on three warrants, two being felonies, hit paydirt. What followed was a crazy chase as the wanted woman pushed her Chevy Cavalier in ways most might not even realize are possible.

Suspect fleeing in BMW decides to PIT himself.

In the dashcam footage, which we’ve shared, the trooper spots his suspect coming the opposite direction. He already recognizes her Cavalier from a previous encounter, so he pulls over and watches her pass, positively identifying the suspect.

The trooper has some choice words when he makes the identification and while pulling a quick U-turn, and then he catches up with her. But once she realizes he’s there to pull her over, the woman pushes the little Chevy hard though twisting, winding country roads in a desperate bid to escape justice.

She swerves a lot and drives in the oncoming lane of traffic, probably to get the trooper to back off after he makes contact with her rear bumper briefly. The move seems to work, but she takes scary risks on several blind turns.

Thankfully, there’s nobody else on the road. We’ve seen how Cavaliers hold up in collisions and it ain’t pretty.

At one point a dog decides to get into the action, pursuing the Cavalier from the side of the road. Luckily, Fido sticks to the grass, because had he gone onto the pavement he might’ve become an instant pancake.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube
Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

Later in the chase, when the woman decides to take a left turn, she has to slow way down. After all, the old Cavalier doesn’t handle so tightly and that’s when the trooper capitalizes on the situation.

He gives her a nice little tap on the rear bumper, sending the little Chevy off the road, down into a ditch, and then up the other side. Determined, she just keeps on driving through tall grass. Does this woman think she’s in a Jeep?

Pushing her advantage, the woman veers far from the road, disappearing from the trooper’s sight as he sticks to the pavement.

Forced to double back, he takes some rough dirt roads as he hunts for the quarry. Luckily, he comes across the Cavalier as it’s stopped and the suspect is standing outside. Before she can take off again, he gives the Chevy a nice bump then holds the woman at gunpoint.

She doesn’t learn her lessons easily and takes off on foot, so he tases her. And thus ends our suspect’s amazing off- and on-road run in a crappy old Chevy Cavalier.

Images via LRHNCash/YouTube

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